Vank Cathedral Museum and Library, Iran

I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend!  Look at me disappearing again for a long time.  Sorry.  After the semester finished a couple of weeks ago, I just needed some offline time.  I was so excited to finish my website for my web design class (Libr 240 for SJSU people) that I forgot to submit the link to it!!  Oh my.

All is now well and I’m recovering.  I’ve been wanting to share these photos I took of the Vank Cathedral Museum and Library in Isfahan, Iran for a long time.  Vank Cathedral is in the Armenian Quarter of the city and has a lovely museum with historical books.

(click to enlarge)

Gospel, created 1633

Gospel, written in Istanbul and decorated in Isfahan, 17th century

Missal, created 1687

Phylactery, worn on an arm, 17th century (sorry for the blurry picture, but I wanted to show how large the entire thing is)

Detail of the phylactery with it’s tiny writing.  Each circle was about an inch or so.

Gospel, written in 1607

Another gospel from 1607

Gospel, written in 1671

Gospel from 1627

Missal from 1687

Monolagium written in 1661

Gospel from 1626

I think the colors and ornamentation on these are so gorgeous.

I do have many other ideas for blog posts and now that things have slowed down somewhat for me, I hope to start posting more regularly again!

Now reading: The Secret Place by Tana French


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