Sunset Branch Library visit

I always tell myself I won’t feel bad when I get too busy with school and work to blog here, but I still do.  So, I’m back with a featurette on the Sunset Branch of the San Francisco Public Library, which I visited this week.

The Sunset Branch is one of eight Carnegie libraries here in San Francisco.  Built in 1918, it was also the eighth branch of the library.  According to the SFPL, the branch is at the site of an old barn that boys used to use as gun target practice!  I can’t even picture it.

The library in 1918.  It still looks pretty similar.

2100201701Image source


Different authors are featured around the exterior

sb2 sb3

The front has some really pretty details

sb4 sb5 sb6 sb7 sb9 sb10sb1

I couldn’t get any pictures inside because it was packed.  It’s a two story building, renovated in 2007, with the main stacks upstairs and a children’s area downstairs.

See even more historical photos of this branch here.

Currently reading: Who Could That Be at This Hour? by Lemony Snicket and CSS3: the Missing Manual by David Sawyer McFarland while I wait for my next requested book to arrive at the library.


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