Links of the week: Best book covers of 2014 and more

I hope you had a nice holiday!  I was just easing into the winter break when I was taken down for about a week by the flu, but luckily I’m on the mend now.

3714316224Here’s some favorite links from the week.

The New York Times’ best book covers of 2014.  Lots of loveliness.

And the NYT editors share the best book they read in 2014, new or old.

And the SF Weekly’s top books of 2014.

The New York Public Library discovers a stash of questions posed to librarians from the 1940s to the 1980s.  “Is it possible to keep an octopus in a private home?”

The 25 films selected for the Library of Congress National Film Registry for 2014.  Big Lebowski and Ferris Bueller!

Edinburgh University gives a library card to a cat.

Tracking the 20 most popular websites since 1996.  Wow.  Remember Netscape, Lycos, and Altavista?  Angelfire websites!  Plus many others I can’t remember.  It’s interesting to see websites become popular and less popular, and Amazon and Facebook enter the fray.

Self-care for graduate students, by Hack Library School.  “Marvel at what you’ve learned.”  Well said.

More than 148,000 records from the Government Printing Office now available at the Digital Public Library of America, improving public access to federal documents.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Now reading: Just Kids by Patti Smith.


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