Internship week 14 Professional Ethics

Only another week or so to go in the semester!  This week in my internship class we explored professional ethics of various library and archives-related professional associations.  It’s interesting to see how similar they were, yet each was also worded so it was tailored to the specific profession of the respective association.  Of the five professional association codes of ethics I looked at (ALA, IFLA, SAA, ARMA International, and ICRM), four of them all mention privacy; access and intellectual freedom; service; responsibility to society; and professionalism, such as being unbiased, mentoring others, and continued professional development.  And the fifth one, ICRM, talks about professionalism and privacy.

It was a quiet week in my internship.  I finished my last assignment last Friday and am waiting for another from my site supervisor.  This week’s focus was on the final report required for the internship.  But since I didn’t have any cataloging assignments, I was able to get most of the report completed, which feels really good.  With my site supervisor leaving for vacation in just a week, I’m not quite sure what to expect in terms of assignments this coming week.

I’m having some issues logging into the class (Canvas) today so hopefully that will be resolved soon and I can post my discussion post.

Total hours: 11

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