Internship week 13 elevator speeches

I am hurtling toward the end of the semester, with just two and a half weeks or so to go.  On the one hand, I feel like I need more time to finish up the final report and on the other hand, the end can’t come soon enough.

This week’s assigned readings on elevator speeches and positioning statements were interesting. My favorite tips on creating elevator pitches were to outline the speech to include what are the main contributions I can make to the person/organization, and what the should listener do as a result of hearing my pitch.  While you should have a basic template for your elevator speech, it should also always be unique and tailored to the occasion.   I’ve prepared many elevator speeches for job interviews, but this week was a good reminder that I should also create one for networking events.  For some reason, that seems so much harder to me.  Maybe because you often don’t know who the person you’re speaking to is until further in the conversation.


For my internship activities this week, I finished cataloging my sixth assignment.  I contributed three new keywords to the controlled vocabulary for this image set.  I received feedback from my site supervisor and made the two edits she asked for.  I also worked on my final report and sent my supervisor information on how to submit my evaluation since she’ll be leaving for vacation before the due date.

Total hours: 11

Image source


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