Bibliolinks: On the most expensive books ever sold and more

Happy Friday!  I’m finally getting rid of the jet lag that has been slowing me down since I got back home two weeks ago.  I’m still catching up on news and some class work, but almost back to normal.  Now I’ve just been trying to decide which classes to sign up for in the spring semester.  I’m so happy that I only have three electives left to take, but that also means I should probably be a little more thoughtful about which to register for.

This weekend, I plan to finish going through my Iran photos because people want to see them, doing some volunteering, and hopefully seeing friends.

stereo-2802 In the Great Sutro Baths, San Francisco, 1898.  Source.

stereo-2802.  In the Great Sutro Baths, San Francisco, 1898. Source.

Here’s some links for the weekend!

America’s top rated libraries for 2014.  Very happy to see the San Francisco Public Library system highly rated on the list.

Books to look for in November, from The New Yorker.

Have you heard about Sweet’N Low sponsoring an e-book for product placement?

The 10 most expensive books ever sold.

The new Palo Alto library has opened and I want to go see it.

The book designer’s challenge.

Cary Elwes has written a book on the making of “The Princess Bride”.  I must read this.

The Moscow Metro is now offering e-books for download while waiting for your train.

A handbook on federal librarianship, from the Library of Congress.

Digitizing 3-D photographs from the 1800s (direct link to collection here).

Library Thing for Libraries has improved its reading recommendations feature.

The secret stars of the San Francisco Public Library.  This article is a little older, but I’m just coming across it now.


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