E-books vs. print [infographic]

Here’s a nice infographic on e-books vs. print book stats.  People definitely still prefer print to e-books, with 46% of internet users reading only print and only 6% reading only e-books.  Although, a good portion read both formats.  It’s really interesting how sales growth actually continues to decline and remained flat from 2012 to 2013.

Which format do you prefer?

Infographic: E-Books By The Numbers | Statista

You will find more statistics at Statista

Currently reading: Still reading The Magicians {in print!} I just can’t seem to finish it.  I tried to finish it up before I left for vacation, but ran out of time and now I can’t get back into it.


One thought on “E-books vs. print [infographic]

  1. As an avid e-book reader, I just can’t understand this for light reading. I can take multiple books with me on a trip and not take room in my luggage or have to visit a bookstore (which I used to do–I am a very fast reader so one book does not last long. I would like to see the statistics broken down into segments — textbooks (not all are available as e-books), reference books, fiction (event that broken down), etc. It may be but I have not visited the site yet. Will do later.

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