Internship week 7 self motivation

In my internship class, this week’s topic is self-motivation. This is perfect timing because it’s about the middle of the semester and around this time, I’m losing steam and feeling overwhelmed. One of the assigned reading articles, 8 Steps to Continuous Self-Motivation by Craig Childs, was really helpful in reflecting on how to gain back some momentum to finish out the semester.

Help others was my favorite step of the bunch. I’m a big believer in mentorship and being a cheerleader for others. This in turn motivates me to step up my game and work harder.

I also liked the tip to keep good company. I have one classmate that I met early on (you know who you are) that has been really helpful for bouncing ideas of off and just general support and motivation. I probably wouldn’t have kept my sanity so long in the MLIS program otherwise. Even if not sharing ideas, like Childs suggests, just checking in with a motivated, like-minded person can be a real asset to staying on track.

Tracking your progress is also a good tip. I started doing this about a year into the MLIS program to help me keep things in perspective. It’s been a really interesting experience being in grad school, but also really exhausting. A couple of times a semester, I look back at how far I’ve come to help keep me inspired.

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I’d love any other suggestions on how to stay motivated when tackling big projects!

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One thought on “Internship week 7 self motivation

  1. We all need an extra boost about now. Glad to see that the topic was timely. Your tips of helping others, keeping good company, and keeping track of your progress help keep you motivated. Taking the time to reflect on all you have done is very helpful, especially when you’re pursuing a long-term goal, like your degree.

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