Internship week 5 technical issues

I enjoyed this week’s class focus on networking and learned some nice tips. As an introvert, it has been a long road to becoming more comfortable with going to events and meeting people so I always appreciate learning new tips to make it easier. Sometimes I feel that the word “networking” has a negative connotation, like a room full of people trying to sell themselves to others. But it’s more than that. I try to look at networking not as what people can do for me, but what I can do for them. I’ve been to a fair number of library professional association events now and I always meet one or two great people at each. Whenever the opportunity comes up, I try to offer my help in some way, and I think it has been appreciated.

In terms of activities, it was a hard week. I had major technical difficulties accessing my internship site’s VPN all of a sudden. Despite trying three different computers and various browsers, I still couldn’t get in. I’m disappointed because I was really hoping to complete at least 12 hours this week. I’m learning that one of the challenges of being a virtual intern is dealing with technology and trying to resolve IT issues on your own. Because I do most of my internship work in the evenings and weekends, my supervisor’s not in the office and can’t help. I’ve reached out to my site supervisor and will keep trying to get it fixed so I can get back to cataloging.  I appreciate my work’s IT department even more now!

Total hours: 6


One thought on “Internship week 5 technical issues

  1. Having to do your own troubleshooting can be a challenge. We do have technical support, since each of us has a program on our laptops to share the desktop with SJSU tech support. I have done that a couple of times. It is just a matter of provide access to the IT person and then they take over from there and I can continue to work on a second machine. In one instance it took him several hours but I didn’t lose any time at all. But there are times when I load programs or handle simple issues that I would not have done if I were at work. We will all be so comfortable with technology!!!

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