Bibliolinks: On fall books previews, bookless libraries, and more

It can’t be true.  I refuse to believe that fall semester is starting on Monday.  I was just finally beginning to relax and enjoy the break between sessions and it’s time to go back!  At least this semester I’ve got two really cool classes lined up.  I’m going to be doing a special studies project (more on that later) and a digital asset management internship and I’m super excited about both.

I’m going to go back to hiding under a blanket and pretending classes don’t start in less than 48 hours.  Enjoy the weekend!

A study finds that readers have less recall when using e-readers than print books.  What do you think?  I actually just started using a Kindle this week and I absolutely feel I’m absorbing less of what I’m reading compared to print.  I even chose a silly YA book to try out, knowing I might have some issues, and I can barely remember what I’ve read.

Another bookless library has opened.

The latest New Media Consortium Horizons Report has been released.  I learned about this report in my required management class, of all places, and found it a great resource on emerging technologies.

Amazon reveals its 2014 Big Fall Books Preview.  Which ones are you looking forward to?  I can’t wait for the latest book in the Louise Penny Inspector Gamache series , and I also recently discovered Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series, so I may pick up that new one as well.

J.D. Salinger’s home is up for sale.  Just $679,000 for 12 acres!  You could barely get a two bedroom condo in San Francisco for that!

8 amazing books to wind down your summer.  Here in San Francisco, our nice weather hasn’t even started yet, but I think I’ll be adding at least a couple of these to the TBR pile regardless.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think it’s fascinating that a monkey selfie has generated a discussion about copyright ownership.  However, I do definitely feel for the photographer at the center of this.

3-D picture books for blind children.  Awesome.

23 creatively designed Little Free Libraries.  I like the ones made of trees and the movie theater design.

Author opinions on print vs. e-books.

Currently reading: Defending Jacob by William Landay


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