Bibliolinks: On 3 minute TED talks, and more

It’s already been much discussed, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention how sad I am at the loss of Robin Williams earlier this week.  He was a beloved Bay Area denizen, many of those years spent in San Francisco.  I feel like the only native San Franciscan who never ran into him out and about in the city, but for as long as I can remember, I hoped that I would.

I grew up going to the ice cream parlor he took his kids to, but never went on the right days.  My friend’s little brother played baseball with his son when we were younger, and she would see him at the games.  Friends who worked at the mall told stories of how he came in to the stores like a whirlwind, graciously entertaining the employees and stopping for autographs and pictures with fans, even during Christmastime when the mall was packed.  Still other friends told of meeting him when trick or treating at his home in the Sea Cliff neighborhood on Halloween.

Never was a bad word said about him.  Always kind, always willing to spend time with fans.  We have lost an amazing entertainer, and a good person.

There have been some lovely articles (like this one) written about him.  One positive part of this has been that it has helped people to step forward and open up about their own battles with depression (like this).  I currently work in the mental health field, and I can only hope that this sad event can help remove some of the stigma of depression and encourage people to reach out for help.  If you know someone who is suffering, let them know they are not alone.  And remember, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.” – Wendy Mass


On a less somber note, here are some links for the weekend.

A list of TED talks less than 3 minutes long.

Why library school students should play away from their strengths when selecting classes.

In the Library with the Lead Pipe has a call for articles.

The most anticipated book to film adaptations coming out in 2015.

Getting to know the SFPL’s Park Branch.  I think I’ve walked by this place a bunch of times, but never been inside.

35 different Harry Potter covers!

The art of Julia Strand, book carver.

10 terrifying psychological thrillers.  I highly recommend A Simple Plan.

Libraries remember Robin Williams (check out the SFPL video!).

And, 10 inspiring quotes from Robin Williams.

And just for fun, a yawning baby sloth.  I want one.

Currently reading: Still reading All the Light We Cannot See, and loving it.


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