Bibliolinks: Literary one hit wonders and more

I’m quite excited because I have officially finished my summer school class and my internship.  I’m enjoying the three weeks or so that I have before the fall semester starts.  I was disappointed by both experiences, but trying to learn from it all.

My summer class instructor was completely checked out the entire time.  She disappeared for two weeks at an international conference right after the summer session started.  In a 10-week session, two weeks makes a difference!  In July, I posted a question about our final project in the discussion forum and it took her two weeks to reply – and it was after I had already submitted my paper.  I want my money back because it’s the only class so far that I haven’t learned a single thing.  Sigh.

I finished up my internship project, which was supposed to be three LibGuides, but turned into only one because of huge and frequent changes from the organization.  I sent off my last report and they never replied or said thank you.  Very sad and disappointed that after all the frustration and effort I put into it, I didn’t even get a thanks for my time, which was basically volunteering because I didn’t do it for class credit or get paid.  I keep feeling like I did something wrong, but am trying to remind myself of all the steps I took to communicate prior to doing each.  It’s hard when you get approvals and do the work, and then everyone changes their mind and want things a different way.

But, in positive news, last week I toured another special library in San Francisco and will have a post on that soon.  My tour guide was actually a former coworker from years ago from when I worked at a book publisher who is now a librarian.  San Francisco is a small city!  Also, the Special Libraries Association Bay Area chapter’s strategic plan is coming along.  We finished up the survey and got a decent response.  Now the bigger challenge has arrived – actually writing the plan!


Anyway, here’s some links for the weekend!

Vintage hand-typed reviews of children’s books from the NYPL.

librarian in Liberia tries to help his community despite civil war and Ebola.

Four tips for preventing information overload.

5 literary one-hit wonders.

The American Ballet Theater is donating its archives to the Library of Congress.

A guide to different tape media carriers.

Cute printable bookmarks from a French DIY blog.

The John Steinbeck Library in Salinas is shut down due to a flea infestation.  Ewww.

NY libraries can’t keep up with the demand for ESL classes.

I don’t get the new cover image for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Gruff Rhys, a Welsh musician that I adore, is speaking about his new book at the Edinburgh Book Festival.  Must get that book.

A list of Boston-themed books.  Love that city.

Have a great weekend!


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