Bibliolinks: Orphan Black comic books and more

It’s finally Friday! This summer is speeding by.  I am excited that my summer class is almost over.  I’m also happy that my internship application was officially accepted yesterday by the school for fall semester.  I had to write learning outcomes and it was a little challenging trying to put into words what I hope to learn from the internship, but I ran them by my site supervisor and she made a couple of suggestions that added more detail and they were accepted without problem by SJSU.  I’m also starting to prepare for a big special studies project that I am doing in the fall, which I’ll talk about a little closer. It’s an archival project and I’m really excited about it.  More soon!

Here’s some links for the weekend!

worlds smallest atlas Source

What Jane Austen looked like.

The Man Booker Prize longlist now includes authors from all over the world.

TV Show Orphan Black is being turned into a comic book series.  I’m not into graphic novels, but I think I’m going to have to check these out.

Pretty printable gemstone bookplates.

The world’s smallest atlas on display now at the British Library.

16 audiobooks narrated by celebrities.

A profile of the duties of an academic military librarian.  I love reading about different library settings.

The first book printed in English sells for over £1 million.

25 literary pun names for your cat.  Emily Lickinson.  Oh my.

Will you join Amazon’s new subscription-based service for e-books?


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