Bibliolinks: On the top 25 books of 2014 and more

The sun actually came out the past couple of days here in San Francisco so it almost feels like summer!  I’m feeling really good this week because I had a lot of positive things happen, professionally and academically.

I had my first “staff” meeting for a new volunteer site yesterday and will be officially starting tomorrow.  I think this library – a small, special library that is the first of its kind in the country – will offer me some interesting learning experiences.  The last place I was volunteering was a nice place, but I wasn’t learning much.  I think my time will be put to better use at this new site.

The strategic planning committee for the local SLA chapter is also coming along well.  We’re in the final stages of designing the member survey.  We’ve received feedback from leadership and are now just doing some testing.  I’m excited to launch the survey and see what the results are.

I also got my draft approved for the LibGuide that I’m designing for my internship site.  It took a lot of work and a lot of back and forth.  Although at times it was frustrating, I feel okay about it now because my site supervisor told me that the process of designing it was helping to stir up positive discussion within the organization around this topic (children with special needs), and prompted a commitment to fill the gaps in their resources.  I never expected it to be completely cut and dry, but I had been surprised about all of the flip flopping changes.  I hope to wrap it up this weekend so I can get going on the next LibGuide.

And in other news, I started interviewing for an assistant for my day job.  This is my first ever time hiring someone.  It’s totally scary, but I’m learning a lot.  I’m new to being a manager and I’m freaking out a bit, but I think it’s a good experience.  I’m open to any management or hiring tips!

07SINGSING-master675Lucky Luciano’s prison record.  Source.

Here’s a few links for the weekend!

OMG, a new Harry Potter story.

Singapore orders destruction of children’s books that portray gay families.

New York prison records are being digitized.

An introduction to net neutrality.

10 tools for librarians supporting K-College classrooms.

Worldreader takes e-books to several African nations to help improve literacy rates.

A video on how the Library of Congress rebuilt Thomas Jefferson’s lost library.

Single tasking vs. multi-tasking.  A nice post about being present and taking a tech break.

The top 25 selling books of 2014 so far.  I can’t believe the Divergent series is beating out The Goldfinch, but it did have a movie come out recently.  Also surprised by how many YA titles are on the list.

And the top abandoned bestsellers.

A search for a book on Bing now links to Overdrive and its availability in your local library.  I gave it a try and it correctly linked to the SFPL.

Collecting antique objects made to look like book covers.

Have a great weekend!

Currently reading The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt.  I’m really surprised I got this from my library so fast, because just a week and a half ago, there were hundreds of people ahead of me on the waitlist!

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