Bibliolinks: On the Hunger Games salute and more

I was slightly traumatized by Feedly being down for several days, as that is how I get a lot of my news (and eye candy).  I’m so happy it’s back.

Are you as excited as I am about World Cup?   In my younger days I used to stay up all night to watch the games live, sleeping for an hour or two in between!  I don’t have that kind of energy anymore, but I will definitely be watching as many matches as I can, especially once it gets to the second stage.

Today I’m off to meet San Francisco’s city archivist to discuss a special studies project I’m trying to set up for fall semester.  I’m looking forward to it and hope I can make it happen.

librarian grumpy catSource

The first winner of the Lemony Snicket Prize for Noble Librarians Faced with Adversity.

In Thailand, people have been using the three-finger salute from the Hunger Games as a  protest symbol.  And now using it can get you arrested.  (This is a little bit older news item, but I’m just hearing about it!)

Amazon’s list of most well-read cities in America.  Is your city on the list?  San Francisco isn’t, but Berkeley is.

A book overdue by 61 years gets returned.

The challenge of instruction in librarianship.

How to choose a library school.

14 movies you “definitely” didn’t know were based on books, the Huffington Post claims.  Except I knew about the Amityville Horror, the Exorcist, and Forrest Gump.  Do you already know about any on the list?

Thoughts on the 21st century library and its connection to the community.

ACRL’s top trends and issues in academic libraries.

The top 100 best-selling education books of 2014, so far.

Have a great weekend!


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