Claremont, NH Public Library


First, can I just say – how on earth is it June already?  This year is flying by!

My newest vintage library postcard to share with you is for the Fiske Free Library in Claremont, NH. Claremont is a city of about 13,000 people.  Several of my family members ended up here from other parts of New Hampshire and Vermont, including my great-great-great grandmother, Bridget Higgins Ruane.  I don’t know too much about Claremont because I haven’t been there,  but I’d like to visit the next time I’m back east.

Then (unknown date, early 1900s?)

claremont nh

And now

fiskeSource (Current City Views album)

The postcard that I found was actually never mailed and doesn’t have a publication date on it, so not sure exactly how old it is.

The library doesn’t have its own website, but does have a small section on the City of Claremont’s website.  There is very little info on the library on the city’s website, but there is an online catalog available to search. states that the Fiske has over 51,000 items in its collection and circulates nearly 110,000 items per year.

According to the city’s website, the Fiske Free Library was established in 1873 at a local high school by Samuel P. Fiske with 2,000 books from his personal library.  In 1903, Andrew Carnegie contributed additional funding for a new library.  The library was added onto in 1922 and fully renovated in 1966.

Currently reading: Citadel by Kate Mosse.  If you’re paying attention, you might notice that I said I was reading this a couple of months ago.  I tried for about a week, couldn’t get into it, then set down the 700-page tome because of too much classwork.  But, now I’m back at it and enjoying it, although it took me much longer to get into than the previous two books in the trilogy.


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