Bibliolinks: On secret libraries, books for wine fans, and more

I’m back with another links post.  I know I missed last week.  I’m happy to say that I have officially completed my second year of grad school (another to go!).  As a result, I have been utterly depleted.  Just completely exhausted.  Last week, I was struggling to gain my focus back but now am just going with it and relaxing and catching up on a lot of movies and tv shows.

This semester, I created an instructional design plan on grantwriting for individuals for my Design and Implementation of Instructional Strategies for Information Professionals class (Libr 250 for SJSU folks) and a fieldwork project helping to create a teacher resource collection for a small special library for my Issues in Special Libraries class (Libr 231).  Along with helping the librarian to identify and pull books from the main collection for the new teacher collection, I created a bunch of annotated bibliographies for the collection.  I hope it will be helpful for the library in the months to come, once the teacher collection officially launches later this summer.

I have about three weeks total of relaxation time before I start summer school, where I’ll be taking a required research methods class (Libr 285) and doing an internship.  Sometimes I feel like I’m insane doing all of this, but I know it’s all good experience.  In this in-between time, I am trying to set up an internship and a special studies project for the fall.  Both things are exciting, but I really hope I get them finalized soon to be as school-free as possible before classes start up again!  Oh, and I had my first local SLA chapter strategic planning committee meeting last week.  It was really interesting.

And this weekend, I will be celebrating the end of the semester with a day trip to Santa Cruz, where I have a full itinerary of beaches, lighthouses, parks, picnics, and more planned.  Can’t wait!

Here’s some links for the weekend.  Enjoy!

Dashdondog_Camel Travelling library by camel in Mongolia.  Image source.

A letter from Kurt Vonnegut to students.

A textbook publisher thinks students shouldn’t be allowed to keep or resell the books they buy.  Scary premise.

A summer reading list for wine fans.

Secret libraries in NYC.  I totally want to check these out next time I’m there.

The British Library has launched a new website to put over 1,000 literary treasures online.

2014’s most overlooked books so far.

10 words every book lover should know.

Print textbooks lead to higher reading comprehension than digital.

Have a great weekend!

Currently reading: The Last Echo by Kimberly Derting.  I was taking a break from YA books, but with my end of the semester fatigue, I decided to go easy on myself and try this out.


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