Bibliolinks: On obscure poets, inspirational quotes, and more

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for the weekend.  It’s almost the end of semester (yay!) and combined with the rare 90 degree weather we’ve been having in San Francisco, I’m having a hard time staying focused.  I just want to go to the beach or sit outside in the shade and read.  Hopefully the nice weather will last through the weekend!

slide_346626_3652955_freeImage source

Here’s a few fun links for the weekend.

A new poll finds that the classics are back at the top of the list of Americans’ fave books.

25 coffee table books to display.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Nobel Prize acceptance speech.

8 beautiful quotes by authors, from Lisa Congdon’s book Whatever You Are, Be a Good One.  I’ve only met Lisa once, briefly, several years ago, but she was a sweetheart and is an inspiring artist and person.

And 5 obscure American poets for National Poetry Month.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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