The shift in academic librarianship and more

This week has been busy, busy, busy! I visited another special library, which I will be sharing with you soon, and I’ve been updating my resume in preparation to start applying to internships for the summer. It’s been interesting trying to step back and decide which projects that I’ve done so far in my coursework would be good to include, and how to convert my current day job experience to use more library vernacular.

Now I’m off to relax at a party at a museum. Here’s some links that interested me this week.

Penn suggests moving its math, physics, and astronomy library and engineering library offsite, with passionate response from students.

Sad story of Miami-Dade’s significant cuts to children’s collection acquisition budget.

I love maps and I love how people are using technology to use them in new ways and derive more information from them. The British Library talks about  historic maps in the public domain.

A nice reminder to keep track of your accomplishments to remember the good that you did that day, and to help advocate for yourself later.

A 9-year-old starts a read-a-thon fundraiser to save her local library.  Awesome.

Study shows academic librarians are changing priorities from faculty research assistance to student information literacy instruction.

Perspectives on professional development from library managers.

Brooches made from classic books.  I want the Alice in Wonderland one.

8 nonfiction stories you wouldn’t believe if they were novels.

Have a great weekend!

Now reading: Burial Rites by Hannah Kent


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