Lancaster, NH public library

I’m a collector.  I have a lot of different collections, but one of the few that I’m still adding to is my postcards.  I’ve been collecting postcards for about three years now and I think it’s a fun, cheap way to see the world.  I’ve learned about new places and found more than a few that I’d like to visit one day.

Although I don’t usually look for vintage postcards, I thought it would be fun to start a mini collection on libraries, and compare them to how they look now.  Since I also love genealogy, I thought I would start with the ones that I have some sort of personal connection to.

First up is the Weeks Memorial Library in Lancaster, NH.  My great-great-great grandfather, Dominique Couture, lived right down the road from here in Northumberland, and was supposedly buried in Lancaster, although I haven’t been able to track that down yet.  (Coincidentally, he also passed away in 1911, the year this card was sent.)

Then – in 1911

lancaster nh

And now

The postcard was mailed August 10, 1911 to a Mr. E.E. Call in Swampscott, MA, and simply says, “All O.K. here from S.P. Congdon”.

According to its website, the existing library was finished in 1908, and an addition that tripled its size was completed in 1999.  It looks identical to 100 years ago except for the signage and the larger trees, so the expansion must be in the back of the building.  It has seven staff members, a collection of over 62,000 items, and a genealogy collection.  I’d love to access their genealogy resources, but it looks as though you can only use them in person.


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