Special libraries project

The other day, I got the crazy idea that I would visit all of the libraries in San Francisco.  Until I realized that there are nearly 30 public library branches, at least 20 special libraries, and several more academic libraries.  Even over a couple of years, it would be too much of a challenge to visit that many institutions.

So, I decided to focus on special libraries, since that is what is most interesting to me right now.  Just making a list of them posed a challenge.  I came up with 19 that I could easily find.  I am sure there are many more corporate and other special libraries that didn’t pop up in my search.

Here’s the list I came up with:
Aviation Museum at the airport
C. Laan Chun Library Center of the Asian Art Museum
California Academy of Sciences
Detloff Library of the CG Jung Institute
Federal Reserve Bank
Foundation Center
Helen Crocker Russell Library at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens
Holt Labor Library
Japanese American National Library
Jewish Community Library
Mechanics Institute
Prelinger Library
Presidio Trust
San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park Library
SF Law Library
SFMOMA (I think this might be currently closed)
Society of California Pioneers (currently closed)
Sutro Library
Tauber Holocaust Library at the JFCS Holocaust Center

I also found these academic libraries, which are probably not technically special libraries, but definitely have a specific scope in their collections:
Anne Bremer Memorial Library at the SF Art Institute
SF Conservatory of Music
Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising
Simpson Library at the California College of the Arts

I’ve been to the Helen Crocker Russell Library, the Foundation Center library, the Mechanics Institute and the Sutro Library, but all before I started library school.

The challenge now is where to begin?  I think I’d like to prioritize the California Academy of Sciences, the Mechanics Institute, the Sutro, and the Aviation Museum.  I think it will be a fun project to visit whatever libraries I can and learn more about them and their collections and services.

Any suggestions on which to visit first?  Are there any other special libraries I should add to the list?  (And how cool does the Aviation Museum & Library look?!?)

Now reading: Just finished Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill and about to start The Naturals by Jennifer Barnes.


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