Top 5 Young Adult Books read in 2013

I enjoy reading young adult fiction in between more substantive fiction. In 2013, I read 19 young adult titles, I think all of which are parts of series. Two on the list were spinoffs of other popular YA series. I thought it would be fun to share my top 5 YA books that I read last year. Some of these were published before 2013, but I only discovered them or got around to reading them last year.

In no particular order, my favorites were:

1. Daughter of Smoke & Bone (2011) and Days of Blood & Starlight (2012), by Laini Taylor. These are part of the Daughter of Smoke and Bone Trilogy. I’m going to cheat a bit and combine these into one of the five. Hands down, these books were two of my favorite of the entire year. This well-written series had original characters that I cared about and the main character, Karou, was complex and genuine. Karou’s friend, Zuzana was one of the funniest and most charming characters I’ve read in awhile. It has a believable love story. It has a kick ass heroine with depth. And it involves magic and wishes.

Because the premise of this series is original, I don’t want to give anything anyway. Yes, this series is much hyped, but with reason.  Go read it if you haven’t. I can’t wait for the final book of the trilogy, Dreams of Gods & Monsters, to come out in April.

Image(Image from

2. The Indigo Spell (2013), the third book in the Bloodlines Series. While I enjoy the series this is spunoff of – Vampire Academy – more, this is a fun series in itself. Indigo Spell is the third book and I liked it more than the Fiery Heart (2013), the next in the series. (How does Richelle Mead turn out her books so quickly?) I thought that the switching back and forth in narration from the two main characters became distracting. I still like Richelle Mead, however, and will probably keep reading the series. Indigo Spell finds Sydney struggling with her Alchemist training and how she feels about the Moroi and Dhamphirs she is assigned to watch over. Taught that they were evil, she has now become close to them and views them as friends, at great risk to her safety. On top of that, she further embraces using magic. The Fiery Heart takes it one step further, with an even more perilous relationship that could force her into reeducation by the Alchemists.

ImageImage from Goodreads

3. The final book of the Immortal Beloved series, Eternally Yours (2012) by Cate Tiernan was also a good read last year.  I liked Nastasya’s snark throughout the entire series. I enjoyed seeing her transition from Nasty the party girl in the first book to her attempts to heal, take control of her magical powers and use them for good, and be open to love by the end. It was a slow and painful change for Nastasya, at times frustrating, but believable. Also, there is a battle of immortals in the finale! How can you go wrong with that?

ImageImage from Goodreads

4. Cheating again and doing two for one, next on the list are Hallowed (2012) and Boundless (2013) by Cynthia Hand. From the Unearthly series, the second and final installments show angel Clara struggling with her visions and purpose in life. Hallowed follows Clara as her visions show her that someone she loves will die and how she struggles to interpret the visions to try to save them, all while trying to learn more about being an Angelblood. Boundless had the best plot of the series and great action. I liked how it delved more into the Angelblood lore and Clara’s role in the angel hierarchy. The only downside to these two books (well, the whole series), is the use of the love triangle. Christian or Tucker? Tucker or Christian? While it was always clear who she clearly preferred, it was still sometimes annoying to see how she hurt the other while she was trying to figure it all out. Plus, I’m just tired of love triangles.

ImageImage from Goodreads

5. School Spirits by Rachel Hawkins. A spinoff of the fantastic Hex Hall series, this book is about 15-year-old Izzy Brannick, the last of the Brannicks, an all-female clan that fights supernatural beings. Assigned to a possible haunting case by her mother, Izzy attends high school (or any school…) for the first time. Through her investigation, she earns the hard-won pride and respect of her mother, makes her first friends, and has her first experience with romance. I’m actually not sure if this is the first of a series, but I suspect it might be.

ImageImage from Goodreads

What were some of your favorite YA books from last year?  I’m always looking for book suggestions!


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