2013 reading wrap up

Inspired by this post over at Librarian.net, I took a look at my own reading list from 2013 and did a sort of similar breakdown.  It was fun to delve a little deeper into more than just the total number read.  I was surprised by the fact I was able to read 51 books – only 7 of which were for class.  This number was not too far short of 2012’s total of 57 books.  Since I started the SLIS program in fall 2012, it’s good to realize that I have still been able to find a lot of time to read for fun.

Total  – 51
Percent read for school – 13%
Percent nonfiction – 12%
Percent fiction – 22%
Percent mystery – 16%
Percent young adult 37%
Percent female authors – 65%
Average per month – 4.25
Percent liked – 45%
Percent didn’t like – 22%

I read quite a number of young adult books this year, which certainly helped boost my total number of books read, since they are much faster reads.  I also read a good amount of mystery/thriller books this year, something that I think I’d like to continue in 2014.  While I like young adult books, I’m beginning to get tired of how many of them are series and the love triangle trope.  I’d like to get back to reading more strong, standalone fiction this year.

My to-read list is over 100 books long, but some books that I definitely want to read this year are:

And the Mountains Echoed
Broken Harbor
Dark Places
Dead Scared
The Ocean at the End of the Lane
Divergent (I’m really behind on reading this series!)
Burial Rites

Currently reading: Faithful Place

What are some of the books on your to-read list this year?


4 thoughts on “2013 reading wrap up

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  3. Im definitely tackling the Game of Thrones series this year – since I haven’t seen the show, I really hope I get to see what all the hype is about!

    • Hi Mariam,

      I thought about reading Game of Thrones also! I’ve seen the first season of the show and it intrigued me. I’d like to see how the books compare to the series.

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